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It’s almost show time!

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Oct. 9th, 2008 | 09:38 am
posted by: sekala in sm4sclj


With just around 8 days left until the first SM4SC Event on October 10, we’re totally in the home stretch of event planning and preparation. And, on behalf of all of the people working on SM4SC, both those public and private, I’d like to take a step back and offer a personal thank you to everyone.

It’s been extremely inspiring to see the overwhelming response to both the event and the concept, and to watch something that was little more than Gradon’s dream 8 weeks ago grow into an actual event, with most of the 75 tickets SOLD OUT, an amazing venue,12 amazing corporate sponsors, a press release, some amazing press, and hundreds and hundreds of volunteered hours by many, many people working to make this event and charity happen. It’s really given me amazing faith in the power of social media in general, and the power of using it for good, and I very much look forward to the continued success of SM4SC, and the next event after this one!

So, with just about a week to go here, I’d like to remind everyone that there’s still time to get involved! There’s many ways to a part of what will be a very special night in Boston:

  • Buy a ticket! At the time of this writing, there were only 7 left. After these are gone, there will be no more! Trust me in saying, you’ll want to be there. In addition to great people for a great cause, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive raffle and silent auction for some really great prizes (more on that in the next few days). And you MUST BE THERE TO WIN. So, what are you waiting for?

  • Donate. Every dollar counts and goes directly for a great cause. And the best part - your donations are tax-deductible! To donate, send us an email at sponsors[at]sm4sc[dot].com with the amount you’re interested in donating. Any donation of just $10 will be featured on our donors page.

  • Be in a song! Our teammate and PR maven Rebecca Corliss loves to sing. And for a donation, she’ll sing for you, your company or your brand and put it on YouTube (and maybe even with some gentle prodding, perform it at SM4SC Boston!) Learn more about this unique opportunity by clicking here.

  • Volunteer on event night. We’ll need a team of people to help out on the night of the event in all different capacities. If you’re interested and able to volunteer starting in the afternoon of October 10th, please email volunteers[at]sm4sc[dot].com

  • Tell a friend. Please tell your friends about the event and the charity. Spread the world any way you can. Find out where you can find us virtually. on our Get Involved page

And again, thank you all for your support. None of this is possible without you. I’m very much looking forward to seeing you all in Boston!

--Matt Knell

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