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And there’s prizes too!

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Oct. 9th, 2008 | 09:41 am
posted by: sekala in sm4sclj

For the last few days, we’ve watched a lot of amazing things happen to SM4SC:

  • The second batch of 25 tickets have sold out! This, of course, means the event has sold completely out. Thank you to all of you guys for making that possible.We’ve just released the FINAL batch of 15 tickets. Get them here!

  • We’ve had some great last minute donations and sponsorships. In what was one of the first Twitter auctions (Twauctions? I’ll save that one for later ;) ) Aaron White bid $90 to have Rebecca Corliss write him a song about his company, Do Ink. The video, of course, will be posted here when we have it ready.

  • We’re getting an amazing event night volunteer response. If you’d like to volunteer on event night, please email us at volunteers[at]sm4sc[dot]com.

  • We can talk about our event night raffle! And this is what this post is about.

We’d like to offer something a little special beyond the great conversation and good times that will be had by the 75+ attendees of the first SM4SC…. raffle prizes (and trust me, you’ll want to bring your pennies for this one).

Grand Prize - A laptop with a value up to $1500, donated by Dell Small Business!

The grand prize for our raffle, will be a ANY laptop or desktop of the winner’s choice with a value of up to $1500 from Dell Small Business. We suggest the Vostro 2510, because it’s well, pretty awesome. Dig the red color too! Check out Vostro 2510 system specs by clicking here. Since Dell offers computers custom built for you - the winner will be able to pick the ANY computer (desktop or laptop) available in the Small Business store (Sorry, no computers from Dell Home, and it must be a computer system, and winner is responsible for any applicable taxes on the system, but for the big restrictions, that’s about it!) More details of the restrictions will be available on event night. Estimated retail value: $1500.

Dell’s also put together an amazing Facebook page offering great guides Small Businesses can use to get themselves involved in Social Media. Check it out by clicking here. Cool?

First Prize - 2 roundtrip flights on a major airline that flies out of Boston</p>

We’re going to offer up 2 roundtrip flights on a major airline that you’re all familiar with anywhere this airline flies. We can’t say too much more about it, so you’ll just have to come event night to find out who it is. Winner is responsible for any applicable taxes and fees on the flights, and availability on some days MAY be limited. Estimated retail value: approximately $1500.

Second Prize - Digital Visibility Audit & Action Plan™, donated by David Petherick, Digital Biographer

Described by the BBC as the world’s first Digital Biographer, David offers exclusive services to improve visibility and credibility online. He co-founded several companies in his home city of Edinburgh, Scotland, including NewsBase and Clarocada, and writes for The Next Web, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. David’s wife and daughter also speak Russian and Spanish, but he is the one normally wearing the Kilt. He enjoys cooking for guests, Formula 1, travel, art, literature, meeting new people, and sharing new ideas online.

Winner will receive a $1300 value package of his services with his Digital Visibility Audit & Action Plan™:

A look at where you are now and the route map to get you where you want to be for an individual or corporation. An initial online questionnaire is followed by a 1-to-1 interview (up to 2 hours) by phone, or in person, followed by a detailed report based on your current level of visibility, and recommendations for improvements, with platforms and strategies for improving visibility and developing your credibility and reputation. An additional follow-up conference call of up to 2 hours and 1 month of email follow up are part of the package. Winner is responsible for any applicable taxes and fees. Estimated retail value: $1300. Learn more at www.digitalbiographer.com.

Third prize - A selection of bags, donated by Timbuk2

We all love their bags, and so we’ve been lucky enough to get a selection of Timbuk2 bags for our raffle as well. The exact colors and selection of the bags will be available on event night, but, rest assured, they’ll be awesome. Winner is responsible for any applicable taxes and fees. Estimated retail value for each bag: Approximately $100 each. Follow Timbuk2 on Twitter at http://twitter.com/timbuk2, or learn more at timbuk2.com.

Other prizes

Along with these prizes, we will be offering some exciting prize packs from the following partners:

  • Wine and swag from Gary Vaynerchuk and Winelibrary.tv (you obviously must be over 21 years of age to win this one!)

  • A prize pack from the MTV Shop, featuring some DVDs, toys and other goodies

  • A prize pack from Hertz, with some coupons and some other swag

And as a reminder, and because legally we have to say this - “Prize winners are responsible for any applicable taxes and fees that may result from winning any of the prizes.”

About the raffle tickets

The raffle tickets will be $10 each, or $15 for blocks of 2 tickets (2 for $15, 4 for $30, 6 for $45, and so on), and will be on sale during the night of the event ONLY. Winner MUST be present to collect their prize, so we encourage all attendees to hang out until the raffle is over!

All proceeds from the auction will go directly to Jane Doe, Inc. Tickets will not be tax-deductible, but you’ll have a really good shot of winning, and you’ll know your contribution is going to a great cause. We obviously encourage you to buy as many tickets for as many chances to win as possible!

Want to donate a prize? Let us know!

We’re always welcoming new prizes you think would be a great match for our raffle, all the way up to the event. Of course, if you want to give away actual tangible things, you’ll need to ship them to Boston in time for the event! If you’re interested in donating goods and services, please contact us at sponsors[at]sm4sc[dot]com. The goal here, of course is to raise as much money as possible for Jane Doe through the raffle - so the more great prizes the better!

Thanks everyone. I can’t wait to meet you all on Friday!

--Matt Knell

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