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Social Media for Social Change: 15 More Tickets!

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Oct. 9th, 2008 | 10:39 am
posted by: sekala in sm4sclj

After finally confirming our count of tickets assigned to media and our sponsors, we calculated that there were about 105 people coming to the first Social Media for Social Change event this Friday.

However, because we want to raise as much money for Jane Doe Inc as possible, and because we know that the Massachusetts room can fit 120 comfortably, Dmitri and I decided it was a good idea to release that previously reserved batch of 15 tickets. We also decided it was best if we kept the price, $25 per ticket, the same as the second round of tickets.

And just like that, the tickets were selling - 6 of them have sold in the last three hours. That means only 9 tickets are left. You can purchase your tickets at http://sm4sc.eventbrite.com/.

As always, I’m impressed and thankful for the support you all have given to SM4SC.

See you on Friday!

--Gradon Tripp

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