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About Social Media for Social Change
The social media world has proven that, though still a young and small community within a multitude of industries, we have the power to exact great change.

Social media has broken down walls and created conversations. IBM does product testing in Second Life. Old college classmates reunite on Facebook. Zappos does intra-office communication via Twitter. All great, paradigm shifting events.

But what about change for the greater good?

Social Media for Social Change was born of the idea that the social media community, these “agents of change” can get together for one night, to support one cause.

About Gradon Tripp
Gradon Tripp a Boston-based social media, technology and design aficionado. By day, he is a (somewhat) mild-mannered Project Coordinator for a Pharmaceutical publishing company. By night, he fully immerses himself in the world of social media: He is the founder of DesignBoston, Boston’s largest local design blog; he also writes about social media and life at

About Dmitri Gunn
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Social Media for Social Change could never have happened without our Sponsors, or the help and guidance of many smart, wonderful people:
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